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Patient Payment Solutions

Getting control over your patient payment process is essential to improving the financial health of your healthcare organization. With patient payment solutions from DataLink, you can get the tools you need to streamline your payment process and reduce the risk of errors and delays. You can also get real-time data and insights into your payment process, allowing you to better understand your payment trends and patterns. This can help you get ahead of potential issues and take proactive steps to improve your collections. In addition, you can get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your payment process is secure and compliant with industry standards.

DataLink’s partner network is a gateway, processor, and sponsor bank all rolled into one. This means all your patient payments can be collected, reported, and reconciled by a single PCI-compliant vendor specializing in healthcare.  Take a closer look at all the ways  DataLink integrated with our Partner Network makes life easier for the medical practices we serve. 

Collect More with a Full Suite of Healthcare Payment Solutions

Meet patients where they are with digital and automated payment solutions that make it easier to collect. DataLink’s integration with our Partner Network allows access to more payment channels. Medical facilities receive funds much faster and operational costs are reduced allowing for a positive cash flow and consistent increase in revenue.

nurse using patient payment solutions from Datalink to help process a patient's payment

Fast Processing

Accept all payments and post them directly into your practice management (PM) system in real-time.

a young nurse nurse using patient payment solutions from Datalink to finalize a patient payment

Convenient Experience

Delight patients with convenient ways to pay and a simple experience. Improve collections and get paid sooner.

A nurse holding the patient payment solution credit card reader

Automate Recurring Payments

Securely save credit and debit cards on file to automatically collect recurring payments.

Our Partner Networks Integration with Datalink Supports

Healthcare organizations of all sizes and types can benefit from DataLink’s patient payment solutions. By streamlining your payment processing activities and providing a range of options to pay, your practice can reduce the risk of lost or uncollected payments, and improve cash flow and patient satisfaction. DataLink Integration with our Partner Network provides real-time data and insights into practice financial management activities, creating a patient payment solution that truly works for and with both your medical practice and your patients.

One of the primary benefits of patient payment solutions from DataLink is the convenience of a robust reporting platform for omnichannel reporting across your organization. Our systems offer improved efficiency for healthcare providers. Automating many of the manual steps involved in the collection of payments saves time and reduces the risk of errors, leading to a better patient experience and increased profitability for the provider. This is particularly important for smaller facilities that may struggle with limited resources and staff, as it can relieve some of the administrative burden on their employees and free up time and resources that can be better utilized elsewhere.

Our patient payment solutions provide valuable insights into patient behavior and spending patterns, which can be used to develop targeted marketing campaigns and enhance the overall patient experience. By analyzing payment data, healthcare providers can gain a better understanding of their patient’s financial needs and preferences and offer promotions or discounts on services that are more likely to be of interest to their patient base.

Finally, our patient payment solutions can help healthcare management improve their financial performance by streamlining the way payments are processed and reducing administrative costs. Providers can increase their revenue and profitability and invest more in the services and treatments they offer. By making healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone, DataLink’s patient payment solutions are helping to raise the quality of life for patients and provide a brighter future for the healthcare industry as a whole.

End-to-end payment processing, including credit card and eCheck sales and refunds, is a feature of DataLink’s patient payment solutions that medical practices today don’t want to do without. End-to-end payment processing is an important aspect of our patient payment solutions. It refers to the complete and seamless integration of payment processing into the patient billing and financial process. This includes the ability to accept various payment methods, such as credit card, online, and eCheck sales, and the ability to manage refunds, chargebacks, and other payment-related transactions.

With end-to-end payment processing, patients can make secure and convenient payments from their mobile devices, online portals, or in person at the healthcare provider’s office. The payment process is fast and efficient, with real-time updates and automatic reconciliation of payments and balances.

One of the key benefits of end-to-end payment processing is improved cash flow for healthcare providers. By automating the payment process, office management can receive payments faster and more reliably, which helps to reduce the risk of delinquency and increase their revenue. Additionally, end-to-end payment processing can reduce the risk of human error, fraud, and other security threats, which helps to protect both patients and providers.

End-to-end payment processing also provides real-time visibility into payment data, enabling healthcare providers to monitor and manage their financial processing activities more effectively. Management can use this data to identify trends, improve their billing and payment processes, and optimize their revenue cycle management.

With DataLink, our end-to-end payment processing offers a range of options for accepting payments, including credit card and online sales, which makes it easier for patients to pay their bills, as well as online management. Patients can choose the method that works best for them, and providers can offer flexible payment options that align with their financial needs. With end-to-end financial processing, healthcare facility management can enhance the patient experience, increase satisfaction, and increase the organization’s overall profitability.

In addition to convenience and efficiency, patient privacy and security (including point-to-point encryption and tokenization) are also critical considerations. DataLink’s patient payment solutions use advanced security measures such as encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect patient information, and we are also compliant with industry standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to further ensure the safety of patient data.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and Tokenization are two important security features that are commonly used to protect patients when they make payments. These features help to protect sensitive payment information and reduce the risk of fraud, data breaches, and other security threats.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) is a security technique that encrypts sensitive payment information at the point of entry and decodes it only when it reaches its intended recipient. This ensures that sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, is protected from unauthorized access, even if the data is intercepted during transmission. With P2PE, healthcare providers can be confident that their patients’ payment information is secure and protected from potential fraud and data breaches.

Tokenization is another important security feature that is used for protecting data surrounding payments. Tokenization replaces sensitive payment information, such as credit card numbers and bank account data, with unique, randomly generated tokens. These tokens can be used for transactions without exposing the underlying sensitive information. This helps to protect sensitive payment information from being stolen or misused and reduces the risk of fraud, data breaches, and other security threats.

Simplify Healthcare Payments for Patients and Staff

Efficient patient payment solutions are becoming increasingly important in the healthcare industry as the cost of medical services continues to rise and the responsibility for paying these expenses shifts more to the patient. By integrating with our Partner Network, Datalink’s, solutions provide patients with a convenient and secure way to manage their bills, while also helping healthcare providers to streamline the payment process and increase staff efficiency.

Let patients use a mobile device to check in for their visit, view easy-to-read benefit information, pay copays and balances, and enroll in eStatements and automatic payments.

Patient payment systems can help healthcare providers to increase revenue by improving the efficiency and accuracy of their financial processing activities. With DataLink’s patient payment solutions, healthcare providers can automate many of the manual tasks associated with patient check-in and financial processing, reducing the risk of errors. This can help to increase the speed and accuracy of payment processing, and it can reduce the time and resources required to manage payments from patients.

In addition, our patient payment solutions can help healthcare providers to offer the widest range of payment options to their patients and issue refunds. This can help to increase patient satisfaction, as people are more likely to choose a provider that offers flexible and convenient payment options. With a patient payment solution from DataLink, healthcare providers can also provide a seamless payment experience, as patients can easily manage their payments and track their transactions online.

Offer patients flexible payment plan options to make collections easier and reduce bad debt. With DataLink, you can deliver payment notification receipts to staff and patients via email and text.

Our patient payment solutions can also help to reduce the risk of lost or uncollected payments. With a patient payment solution, healthcare providers can automatically follow up with people who have not paid their bills, and they can receive notifications when payments are received. This can help to ensure that payments are collected in a timely manner, reducing the risk of lost revenue and improving cash flow.

Reducing the number of accounts that go to collections is an important goal for healthcare providers, as it can help to improve patient satisfaction and increase revenue. With our patient payment solution, healthcare providers can streamline their financial processing activities, reducing the risk of errors and delays, and improving the speed and accuracy of payment processing.

In addition, our patient payment solution systems can help healthcare providers to reduce collections by providing real-time data and insights into their payment processing activities. With this information, healthcare provider management can identify trends and patterns in their payment data, and they can take action to improve their collections. For example, they can implement payment plans, offer payment incentives, or enhance their billing processes to increase the likelihood that patients will pay their bills on time.

Eliminate slow and manual processes. All transactions post into your PM system in real-time. You can view all payment data in one place with robust reporting tools and insights when you choose DataLink for your patient payment solutions. Our services offer great benefits to a variety of medical organizations, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other healthcare facilities. 

Overall, one-stop solutions for payments from DataLink offer a wide range of benefits for medical organizations, helping to improve the financial health of these facilities. By streamlining the payment process, reducing the risk of human error, and increasing the speed and accuracy of processing, these systems can help medical organizations to focus on delivering high-quality medical care while improving their financial stability. Whether you are a hospital, clinic, laboratory, or other healthcare facility, investing in our patient payment solution can help you to achieve your financial goals and enhance the way you manage and collect payments from your patients.

Reduce PCI Scope and Save on Compliance Costs

Our Partner Payments Network is a PCI Level One Service Provider. DataLink and our Partner Network protect payments at every touchpoint. PCI compliance is a critical issue for healthcare providers who process patient payments. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) sets the standard for secure payment processing, and healthcare provider management must make sure these standards are met in order to process payments from patients. However, complying with the PCI DSS can be costly and time-consuming, as healthcare provider management must invest in security measures and undergo regular audits to ensure that they are meeting the required standards. This can be a significant burden for small and medium-sized healthcare providers who may not have the resources or expertise to manage PCI compliance on their own.

Ensure Protection of Credit Card Data

Ensure the protection of card present data with P2PE. Our patient payment solutions are designed to meet the requirements of the PCI DSS, and they provide robust security features, such as Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and Tokenization, to protect sensitive information about payments. By using a DataLink patient payment solution, healthcare provider management can reduce the risk of fraud, data breaches, and other security threats, and they can focus on providing high-quality patient care instead of managing PCI compliance.

Accept EMV and Contactless EMV Payments

Smart cards, terminals, and automated teller machines that accept payments are part of the EMV payment method. This standard was created by three companies, Europay, Mastercard, and Visa, so it is known as EMV. Many payers prefer the convenience and security of EMV payments, and with DataLink and our Partner Network, you can offer this option to them, including contactless payments.

Safeguard Stored Payments with Tokenization

Tokenization is another important security feature. Credit card numbers and other sensitive payment information are replaced with unique, randomly generated tokens. Transactions can be conducted with these tokens without exposing sensitive information. Secure payment information is protected from theft and misuse, and fraud, data breaches, and other security threats are reduced.

Cardholder Safety

Keep cardholder data off your networks and reduce PCI compliance costs with Instmed’s integration with DataLink. Our patient payment solution systems can help to reduce the costs of PCI compliance by providing secure and compliant processing of payments. In addition, our patient payment solution systems can help healthcare providers to streamline their financial processing activities, reduce manual processing, and automate many of the time-consuming tasks associated with PCI compliance. This can help to reduce the time and resources required to comply with the PCI DSS, and it can free up healthcare providers to focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

Datalink: Helping You Help Your Patients

The professional team at Datalink offers reliable, quality support services for your healthcare practice. Whether you need real-time eligibility verification or full billing and payment services, we offer a wide range of services to keep your practice running smoothly. We invite you to explore all of our services here and learn how DataLink can help you.

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Simplify and Collect More with DataLink.

DataLink’s effective patient payment solutions offer a range of benefits for both patients and healthcare providers. These tools are an essential way for the modern healthcare industry to improve convenience, efficiency, privacy and security, financial control, and overall patient experience in healthcare.

DataLink’s patient payment solutions can help to reduce compliance costs, reduce the risk of fraud and other security threats, and streamline payment processing activities. By using our patient payment solutions, healthcare facility management can focus on providing high-quality care, instead of managing compliance, juggling payments, following up with patients, and chasing collections. Contact DataLink today for your demo and get started on your path to greater success.