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DataLink Partners with Text 2 Pay from 1800 Notify

Frictionless Text 2 Pay


Giving patients a way to pay their bills in 20 seconds or less! All without setting up or remembering a username / password!

With Text 2 Pay you can now easily provide these frictionless payment options to all your patients.


How it looks for your patients:

(1.) Receive a simple text or email with an amount and a link to pay.

(2.) The patient types in their Billing Zip code to see the payment page and can pay by Credit Card. The patient then receives an instant receipt to the email address on file. And they can send another email receipt to a different email if they choose.

(3.) If they choose to pay by bank account (and your merchant account is set up to support bank payments) then they can pay by Bank Account.

(4.) If they save their credit card on file by checking the “Save Payment Method” box, then next time, the process can take less than 20 seconds!

Getting Started -- Just a Few Easy Steps:

  1.  Sign up for our free trial and your merchant account is set up with your payment processor (InstaMed).
  2. Verify you have some required compliance language on your patient intake forms. Ask our professionals, we’ll help.
  3. Work with our professional team to generate a list of patients with open balances from your patient accounting system with the key. Key information included: mobile phone, name, mailing zip, email, account number, amount owed.
  4. Upload the list you generated to your account and start collecting money.

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