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A 1-800 Notify Success Story

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A “Game Changer” for us!
The Payment IVR handles over 1500 calls every month!

MNGI Digestive Health based in Minneapolis, Minnesota has a complicated patient payment environment with most patients having 2 active accounts and some with up to 4 all with different Tax ID/Merchant IDs. 1800 Notify was able to customize the Payment IVR flow to clearly present all active accounts for each patient (since they are linked by Patient ID) – patients are now aware and can easily select to pay any active balance.

● Customer service call volume was growing rapidly.
● About half of all callers wanted to make payments or check their balances.
● Patient balances have grown due to higher deductible and higher co-pay health plans.
● COVID further impacted staffing levels with staff or family members becoming ill.
● Increasingly difficult to find, hire, train and retain customer service staff
● Most patients had 2 separate account balances, some with 3 or 4 active accounts.

1-800 Notify worked closely with MNGI key staff members to create a customized Payment IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system that uniquely met the needs of MNGI patients.

Customized Payment IVR Features:
● Flexible caller identification and authentication options
● Callers without their account number can still use the IVR.
● Alternative validation methods include: phone number, zip code and date of birth
● Use Caller ID to further speed the IVR authentication process
● Present the caller with all active accounts (up to 4)
● Callers can choose to pay 1 account then easily review and pay all other accounts.
● Easily save a payment method on file to use among all active accounts.
● IVR supports 4 different merchant accounts (one per practice)
● IVR ties together all active patient accounts using the patient ID from NextGen.

Save significant staff workload

  • Over 1,500 calls handled by the Payment IVR in a month
  • Freeing up staff to provide excellent customer service

Convenient for the Patients

  • Patients can now check and pay their balances nights and weekends when it’s convenient for them.
  • Patients can hear and pay multiple balances on a single phone call – all without talking with a staff member.

About MNGI: MNGI Digestive Health is a nationally recognized leader in gastroenterology diagnosis, quality and care. MNGI staff cares for patients in more than 10 locations in the Minneapolis area. Surgical procedures are performed at 3 different facilities.

About 1-800 Notify: 1-800 Notify is a leader in patient payment enhancement systems (Phone Payment IVR, Notify 2 Pay, Text 2 Pay) and patient notifications (appointment reminders). Our vision is to make the patient payment experience frictionless. We define “Frictionless” as allowing the patient to pay their balance whenever they want (24/7), in the method they want (phone, text, email), be reminded in the method that works best for them (phone, text, email) and have an easy experience when they want to complete a payment (without a username and password). We support hundreds of healthcare clients with payment enhancement systems, appointment reminders and are a HIPAA compliant and PCI Level 1 compliant service provider.